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The Last Moderate Muslim

This is the riveting story of young Rami, a young man forced to grow up in the middle of Lebanon’s civil war and the sole survivor of a terrible massacre. Rami vows revenge against the perpetrators but when a vigilante orders him to shoot, he cannot. His younger brother pulls the trigger instead and becomes a hero, rising through the ranks of the local militias while exploiting Rami’s change of heart.  Rami falls in love with Sophia, a Westernized college student. But the militiamen drag him and his girlfriend from his car and chop off their hair. As West Beirut devolves into hell, Sophia’s family emigrates to America. Rami vows to follow his girlfriend, but will the American gatekeepers admit him, or is he doomed to a life of chronic despair?

Trapped in Four Square Miles is a gripping and inspiring story about how to assert yourself and break through centuries of familial, religious, and cultural constructs. It’s about finding a positive way forward.  

"A new organic threat to our multi-faith and multi-ethnic nation will be born."  - Sam Wazan 9/14/13

Sam Wazan Author & inspirational Muslim Speaker On Middle East & Radicalism

"Wazan is a seeker who examines intolerance and inhumanity through the eyes of youth, ultimately presenting confirmation that solutions involve personal choice and risk taking on a whole new level of human endurance​. It is a riveting story that weaves a textured fabric of realities that are supremely educational and enlightening for us all. There is a light ignited and taken away from this read that surely will be passed.​" Ruth Ava Lyon


Trump Was a Prediction!


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