“Your masterful guidance, amid our strong-willed & opinionated executives, assisted us in refining our business structure & cultivating the project capability to meet our objectives.” --Rob Lee, Chief Technology Officer, Wall Street Journal Office Network.

“Wazan engaged our diverse group with a disarming style. Everyone quickly expressED thoughts. Though Sam shared  a minimal amount of his background, he gained credibility with the most reluctant contributors. He drew out the best they had.  His contribution became a delineation in our company timeline as ‘everything before’, & ‘everything after’.” --Ron Collins, Plant Manager Volvo Group Powertrain Production. Reman Technologies.

“In my 40+ years in participating in business planning sessions led by recognized leaders, the most effective sessions, in which I participated, were led by Sam Wazan.  He sets the environment & facilitates, sometimes sensitive issues, to produce measurable tasks & milestones.”  -- Page Winchester, Senior Manager at Accenture, Unisys Corporation, & president at Decision Support, LLC. 

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Wazan immigrated to the US in 1989. In 1995, he earned an MBA in the USA. In 2000, he founded an Information Technology services firm and sold it in 2005. In 2009, he resigned from a corporate position to write his personally inspired novel, Trapped in Four Square Miles, re-titled from The Last Moderate Muslim. The novel reached the top 40 overall ranking, and #1 in 2 categories on Amazon.more...

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Sam Wazan - Inspirational Speaker On Diversity, Overcoming Adversity, & Empowerment


Sam Wazan is a fifteen-year combat-zone survivor of the Lebanese civil war. He is a passionate grassroots catalyst for peace, intent on transforming his war stories into lessons learned for a more harmonious world for everyone to live in peace and prosper.  He is a Global Trustee at United Religions Initiative--a 1.5-million member organization--, chair of the Charlotte Cooperation Circle, member of the Immigration Task Force of the City of Charlotte.


P.O.Box 5113. Charlotte, NC 28299

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Trapped in Four Square Miles is a gripping and inspiring story about how to assert yourself and break through centuries of familial, religious, and cultural constructs. It’s about finding a positive way forward.​​​

This is the riveting story of young Rami, a young man forced to grow up in the middle of Lebanon’s civil war and the sole survivor of a terrible massacre. Rami vows revenge against the perpetrators but when a vigilante orders him to shoot, he cannot. His younger brother pulls the trigger instead and becomes a hero, rising through the ranks of the local militias while exploiting Rami’s change of heart.  Rami falls in love with Sophia, a Westernized college student. But the militiamen drag him and his girlfriend from his car and chop off their hair. As West Beirut devolves into hell, Sophia’s family emigrates to America. Rami vows to follow his girlfriend, but will the American gatekeepers admit him, or is he doomed to a life of chronic despair?  ​