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Sam Wazan is a best-selling author, inspirational speaker. His early experiences, as a civilian survivor of a combat zone and pursuits for a peaceful life in the US, afford him a unique lens through which he sees prosperity. His quest for harmony & prosperity began with converting his war stories into the MindsRising for Sustainable Peace & Prosperity framework©. He has shared his experiences, tools, approaches, and techniques with thousands of audience members around the world. He immigrated to the United States in 1989; In 1995, he earned an MBA; in 2000, he founded an information technology services firm and sold it in 2005; In 2009, he resigned from a corporate position to write his personally inspired novel, Trapped in Four Square Miles, which details his journey of breaking through from a lesser normal.

Book Club Questions

This is the riveting story of young Rami, a young man forced to grow up in the middle of Lebanon’s civil war and the sole survivor of a terrible massacre. Rami vows revenge against the perpetrators but when a vigilante orders him to shoot, he cannot. His younger brother pulls the trigger instead and becomes a hero, rising through the ranks of the local militias while exploiting Rami’s change of heart.  Rami falls in love with Sophia, a Westernized college student. But the self-appointed sharia enforcers drag him and his girlfriend from his car and chop off their hair. As West Beirut devolves into hell, Sophia’s family emigrates to America. Rami vows to follow his girlfriend, but will the American gatekeepers admit him, or is he doomed to a life of chronic despair?

Trapped in Four Square Miles is a gripping and inspiring story about how to assert yourself and break through centuries of familial, religious, and cultural constructs. It’s about finding a positive way forward.