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Wazan has an authentic experience in the inhumane effects of conflicts.  In his Key Note speech: Ending Religious Violence: The Journey to Peace, he reflects on his first year of war, when his best friend in fifth grade got killed. He grew up surrounded by remorseless sniper fire, indiscriminate rocket attacks, and vicious religious massacres.  He escaped a kidnap attempt, lived under a ninety-day siege, and took shelter alternating between the stairways and a garage depot for prolonged periods. 

In 1985, and while in Lebanon pursuing a Bachelor of Science, Wazan represented his sect on the Lebanese National Universities basketball team. He played in the world-universities championship held in Kobe, Japan. There, he got his first exposure to the world in harmony. After two more years of travelling on basketball teams, he daringly joined a Christian club, becoming the first to cross the religious barrier during wartime Lebanon. 

Two years later, Wazan found it hopeless to aspire for harmony and prosperity in a country, where labels and affiliations divided and pitted citizens against each other. He observed demagogues transform good people into religiously and ethnically-motivated violent citizens. 

In his quest to leave the region, Wazan risked his life, once again, by traveling through battle fields. At that time, the Syrian and Lebanese armies clashed. At 4 AM in April, 1989, he stood outside the US embassy in Damascus, Syria - the US embassy in Lebanon was destroyed. Four days later and in 1989, he emigrated to the USA. 

Wazan is in high demand. He is a Key Note speaker at universities, corporations, and nonprofit organizations speaking on Harnessing Harmony of Each for All to prosper and Breaking through a Lesser Normal: Limited Choices & High Stakes.  

Wazan founded Parenting for Humanity with the mission to educate and help expectant parents raise their children to achieve a state of mutual harmony for everyone to prosper regardless of any religious, ethnic, or cultural affiliation.​ 

Previously, Wazan served on the Global Council at United Religions Initiative--a 1.5-million member organization--, member of the Immigration Integration Task Force of the City of Charlotte, member of the board at Mecklenburg Ministries and member of the Comparative Religion committee at Temple Beth El. 


Sam Wazan is a fifteen-year combat-zone survivor of the Lebanese civil war. He is a passionate grassroots catalyst for peace, intent on transforming his war stories into lessons learned to promote peace and prosperity for everyone regardless of any affiliation. 

Wazan immigrated to the US in 1989. In 1995, he earned an MBA in the USA. In 2000, he founded an Information Technology services firm and sold it in 2005. In 2009, he resigned from a corporate position to write his personally inspired novel, Trapped in Four Square Miles. The novel reached #1 in two categories on Amazon. 

Wazan is a Senior Management Consultant. In addition to problem solving and innovation consulting, he helps organizations evaluate, implement and rollout diversity and inclusion initiatives. His clients range from Volvo, The Wall Street Journal Office Network, to local small businesses. 

Shot from Wazan's residence in the combat zone. 
​Beirut, Lebanon.