Gains from Engaging Sam Wazan


  1. Mining minds for a sustainable competitive advantage 
  2. Promoting a lexicon for ongoing cooperation
  3. Inspiring executives, managers, and employees to work harmoniously
  4. Fusing focus in meetings, therefore, eliminating diversions
  5. Engaging customers to develop new product management features​

Diversity an Asset?

(1) Mining Differences for Breakthrough Solutions

(2) Harnessing Harmony for All to Prosper

(3) Delivering Adaptive Care

The Power of ambition

(1) Bravery or Desperate Measures? Defining the Situation.

(2) Cultural Values: Moving Beyond Normalizing Norms.



P.O.Box 5113. Charlotte, NC 28299

WHy: to sustain a competitive advantage

who: decision makers, experts, outsiders, & sam wazan


WHAT: harness harmony of each for all to prosper