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"Mr. Wazan described an unbelievable personal journey through unspeakable horrors as a young man. He somehow found the strength to rise above the religious and ethnic hatred, violence and anger and transform himself into a force for good. His new journey of peace is a testament to the resiliency of the soul and well worth the time spent listening to his message.” David Hayden, Colonel, United States Army retired, Corps of Engineers and the Judge Advocate General Corps.

"Thanks so much for your talk this morning, Sam. You are just what the world needs right now - a clear-eyed, authentic voice to bring people together around our shared humanity!" 
Don Stanger, Board of Directors, Habitat for Humanity of Durham.

"Sam explained that his beliefs that peace can be achieved in the Middle East without more violence. Sam's message was a compelling topic in today's troubled times. It also gives hope to developing understanding, tolerance and acceptance of diversity. Read his Book, have him speak at your next event - then ask each person to tell 10 others - share his message of peace."  Marguerite Greene, Marketing and Strategic Engagement at MARCCOM

"On April 11, 2013, Sam Wazan presented highlights of his novel. The presentation was riveting. We were spellbound throughout the presentation. He clearly defined his heartfelt connections and perceptions ab out conditions in the Middle East. I could hardly wait to read the novel! The presentation was enlightening and informative and let me to question everything I had come to believe in the past." 
Dr. Colette Devine - High Point University

"I truly enjoyed your talk. I can't wait to finish the novel. Mr. Wazan has a heart for humanity and his voice needs to be heard."  
Wendy Fields, Arts and Sciences: English: M.A.Ed., University of North Carolina at Pembroke; B.A. University of North Carolina at Pembroke.

"Sam is the "real deal". His message is compelling and he connects on a deep level with his audience. Everyone / anyone who cares about the future of humanity needs to hear Sam and his message." 
Dennis Watts, Arts and Sciences: ACA Instructor: M.A.Ed., University of North Carolina at Pembroke; M.A., University of North Carolina at Pembroke; B.A., University of North Carolina at Pembroke.

"Outstanding talk on the topic of VIOLENCE, HATRED, INTOLERANCE and how they are fostered. Sam's message speaks to understanding the religious, cultural, and ethnic issues that drive violence in the Middle East and every where there is violence. He gives direction on key areas that need to be addressed to impact change." 
Marion A. Johnson Jr. MBA 

“Thank you so very much for attending our club meeting last Tuesday and especially for your wonderful talk. Our members were enthralled and many said that your talk and topic are among the best we have ever had. You moved us!”  
Harry Thomas, Vietnam Veteran and Board Member Novato Economic Commission. 

"In my 20 years in Rotary the only other speaker to get a standing ovation was our District Governor who gets one just by virtue of his position. Sam’s was the best talk that I’ve heard in all of the more than 1,000 Tuesday mornings meetings. It wasn’t just because of his passion or because of his topic or because of his personal experiences. He is well organized and very clear in his presentation and in his connection with his audience. He left us with a ray of hope. He left us wanting more!" 
John Reuscher, ChFC, Comprehensive Financial Planning. 

"Thank you for your wonderful presentation at our Spiritual Seekers meeting last night. It was an honor to have you-and congratulations on your great novel." 
Larry Dawalt, Director of Spiritual & Grief Care Services at Hospice & Palliative Care Charlotte Region

"Very inspiring -Your demeanor is motivating, that is, the way you carry yourself. -Your experiences have been very educational also personally helpful in understanding why my past is the way it is." 
Aziza Nabail, Student at UNC Charlotte.