Overcoming Adversity




His novel is quickly rising to the Kite Runner ranks and becoming a required reading at schools & universities.

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Once valued as an individual with a unique journey, differences blur. But blurring differences alone does not guarantee diverse teams are motivated to breakthrough. Engaging a workforce emotionally and intellectually, however, creates a burning desire for action. That call to action inspires each to produce organically. Organically inspired individuals produce sustainably.

The program inspires audience members to do the following:

  1. Identify their mental bars of imprisonment.
  2. Conquer inhibitions, therefore, raise their intellectual output.
  3. Inspire attendees to learn & apply the language of cooperation.


Inspire people in your organization to apply themselves with unified aspirations, but individually valued convictions. Observe how expending time and energy moot with the practice of communal citizenship at work and home. Benefit from a harmonious environment where the ethnic, cultural and other differences are blurred from one enabler: To uphold each as a unique individual. 

Invite Wazan to inspire audience members to be magnetized by the uniqueness of each for a state of mutual harmony that promotes prosperity for all.

Amazon's # 1 in 2 categories & Top 40 author of Trapped in Four Square Miles

You want a best-selling author and one who lived, not researched or studied violence to share an authentic view for harmony.

Diversity an Asset?

 Mining Differences for Breakthroughs

High Stakes & Limited Choices:

The Power of Ambition.


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High Stakes & Limited Choice. The Power of Ambition.

Harnessing Harmony for All to Prosper.  

Diversity an Asset? Mining Differences for Breakthroughs.

Your audience will be in awe by an insight gained only by transforming complex ideological concepts into understandable and actionable inspirations.


​​Would you risk your life for a job interview?

Would you enter a sniper field for a chance at prosperity?

What is it like to accept sudden death as a condition of life?  

In a world of limited and life threatening options, the propelling power is ambition. What is your ambition and what are you willing to in its pursuit?

The speech has three purposes.

  1. Activate or birth your ambitions.

  2. Frame a perspective to embrace resources.

  3. De-schackle from normalizing norms and binding boundaries